After eight wins, they made me a judge!

Fall Hours:  Friday, 12:00 - 5:00 p.m., Saturday, 12:00-5:00 p.m. or sell out.   *Closed November 25-December 2.  Wow!  We were just named one of Thrillist's 25 Best Pie Shops in America!  America!!  And, graced the David Chang Show Pie Podcasts November 16-23, with fantastic reviews, so incredibly honored! Which, is making our phone ring off the hook.  So, we recommend getting there at the open for best selection Friday & Saturday, as we make a limited amount of fresh pies each day we are open.  We will sell out!  

Did you also catch us on the best pies in Los Angles Thrillist Article, November 14, 2021?  Or on The David Chang Show November 16-23, 2021?  Also find us in these media articles:  September 2021, recommended by Restaurant Guru for the second year in a row as the place to get pie!  We were recently featured in Pasadena Now Magazine (April 2021) and so much other media!  We just made Thrillist's Lists of Best Pie Shops in Los Angeles, 2020-2021 both summer and fall, and did you catch us in The Los Angeles Times June 25, 2020 as one of the Six Summer Pie Must Have's AND in Voyage LA Magazine August 1st, 2020? We were on I Heart Radio for our Key Lime Pie in November 2019, and made Eater LA's list of Fall 2019 Swoonworthy Pies & The Fall Edition of Los Angeles's Premiere Food Magazine, The Quarterly!  And say, did you catch us on KTLA News 5 on National Pie Day 2019? Follow us on our Knowrealitypie Instagram and Facebook accounts to watch!  Find us in Eater LA's article September 28, 2018 as 2nd of 16 Fall Pies to have in LA!  Also, proud to announce, we are now 8-time KCRW Pie Award Winners 2018!  LA Magazine named us 1 of the 14 Pies to have in LA before you die.  So much media, going clear back to 2015 - Check them all out!  All of the press has graciously drawn a LOT of attention to our little shop and for that reason, please arrive early for best selection. 

  We cannot answer Instagram or phone requests while the shop is open.  Our shop is located at 5106 Townsend Avenue with the Eat Pie Neon in the window.  We are a tiny operation with all pies individually artisan handcrafted and it is our intention to maintain the quality of our pies and to achieve that, our hours will be limited to the days listed above due to the popularity and demand for our pies plus our baking schedule.  Life happens, so please check the Web and pie phone message before coming by from afar, as we occasionally have machine maintenance and/or periodic breaks!  Until then, be happy, and eat pie!  Cheers!  For questions, please email,