Pie Club Cards!

Join our Pie Club program and receive savings up to $40 on 5-6 whole pies, and $35 on 4 whole pies!  Click the link on the Pie Card level you desire, and we will keep a Pie Club Card Ledger with your confirmation.  When you are ready for your pies, just give us about a week head's up when you need them either one at a time or in multiples,

 via happytracynow1@gmail.com, and arrange a pickup date!  Our loyal and loyal pie fans/frequent buyers will receive a huge savings by enrolling!  Cheers!

Pie Club Card Gold 

A $240 value, priced at $200 for six pies of your choice.

Pie Club Card Silver

A $200 value, priced at $160 for five pies of your choice.

Pie Club Card Bronze

A $160 value, priced at $125 for four pies of your choice.