Father's Day - June 21

(Closing June 5)

Pie Pickups June 20

Root Beer Float

A creamy Pie that tastes just like the Soda Fountain Drink!  Topped with Whipped Cream and Dad's Root Beer Barrels.

Funfetti Love Cake

Our signature Soul Food Butter Love Cake topped with our Secret Vanilla Frosting and Funfetti Sprinkles.  Show Dad the Love.  *Two Layer Cake.

Banana Split

Yep.  A banana split wrapped up into a pie!  Honey Graham Crust, Banana Cream, Bananas, Pineapple, Chocolate, Strawberries, Nuts, Sprinkles & Cherries on top.

Apple of My Eye

Our best signature Apple Pie with Brown Sugar Butter Oat Crumble.

I Love You Berry Much

Our signature Mixed Berry Pie with a double butter crust and a crust heart.